Forwarding and transport
Customs agency
and warehousing

Our offer includes, above all, transport of cargo - regardless of its type and size. We have a fleet adapted to transport various goods, including foodstuffs, large-size and dangerous. The distance to the destination is of no importance to us - we can reach any place in Europe and Asia.

We offer comprehensive customs services to our customers, including import and export clearance, transit and the preparation of detailed documentation in accordance with the requirements of customs offices. We hold certificates issued by the Customs Chamber, allowing simplified clearance, as well as certificates for the preparation of T1 documentation.

We provide full logistics solutions related to the distribution, handling and storage of goods. We manage the transport process, automating and speeding up its individual stages, which directly affects the minimisation of delivery times and costs. We have dedicated reloading equipment that ensures efficient and safe handling of goods, including non-standard items.

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Marcin Potapczuk



Forwarding and transport

Transport of all types of consignments, regardless of their size or destination.

Customs agency

Comprehensive solutions for customs handling of import, export and transit of goods.

Logistics and warehousing

Full logistic service of distribution and reloading of goods, as well as their storage in our warehouses.

Railway transport

Rail transport organisation, especially for container transport.

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