About us


Since the beginning of our company's activity, our main goal has been to offer our clients comprehensive services, tailored to their needs and type of business they run. Guided by years of experience in the industry and building a team consisting of professionals in their fields, we have created a company that provides efficient, safe and timely transport of goods entrusted to us. We also guarantee comprehensive customs service related to import, export, storage and transit of goods.

What distinguishes PDP Logistics is the fact that in our everyday work we are not only guided by business goals. We approach orders with passion, offering our customers the services they need to run and develop their businesses. Thanks to this, we have built a group of regular contractors with whom we have been cooperating for many years on the basis of partnership, loyalty and trust.



The mission of the PDP Logistics is to provide services of the highest quality, tailored to individual customer needs. We successfully accomplish this task thanks to many years of experience, gained know-how, team of professionals, passion and excellent technological facilities. We focus on the continuous development of the company, which enables us to broaden the catalogue of offered services, thus responding to the growing needs of our clients.


  • many years of experience,
  • comprehensive solutions,
  • attention to the highest quality of services,
  • a team of professionals,
  • modern and diverse technological facilities,
  • punctuality.


What makes us unique.

Loyalty and trust

We base cooperation with clients on partnership principles, thanks to which we have gained a group of loyal and trusted contractors, who have been using our services for many years.


Since the beginning of our activity, we have been very attentive to the safety of the goods entrusted to us.

Advice and support

We provide our customers with professional advice and support in matters related to transport, storage and customs clearance.

Modern infrastructure

We continue to invest in our modern technical infrastructure, thanks to which we can provide comprehensive services in the field of transport, handling and storage of goods.

We provide first-class logistics services.