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We offer a wide range of logistics solutions. We provide transport of any kind of shipment, regardless of the size and destination. You do not have to worry about whether large items fit into the car and will go entirely to the destination. We are able to reach any place in Europe and not only in Europe.

You should only write where you want to send the cargo, and our staff will give you all necessary information. Contact us now.

Part of the PDP Logistics Ltd transport services are also dangerous cargo - ADR. In this type of transport SECURITY is essential. Thus all of our driver and our cars have appropriate permissions needed for the operation of such cargo. In addition, all our means of transport, which we do international transport, has a license to carry out this type of service and has made the necessary technical reviews.

We are able to guarantee that, thanks to our many years of experience, we will minimize any inconvenience associated with customs clearance and significantly short the time of both import and export clearance. Widespread, among our employees, knowledge of customs law will enable the efficient and timely transport of cargo to the target.

An experienced team of shippers, who are fluent in foreign languages, will provide professional and comprehensive service transportation orders entrusted to us. You can be sure of it - try us.


We have a diverse cars, which are able to meet all types of tasks.

We transport by road:

Our fleet consists of:

PThis equipment is the warranty of high level of our services.
You can be sure that even the most non-standard items, we are able to transport from Polish to Croatia, and not only, because we are open to all markets across Europe. We are able to transport cargo from eg. Serbia and Bosnia to the distant regions of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We are also able to carry heavy items - all kinds of industrial machinery and equipment weighing up to 40 tons! You order we realize.