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Customs agency

The custom agency " PDP LOGISTICS S.C." M.PIWONI, M. POTAPCZUK has been build by reason of fast development company as well as on complex custom big need of our clients. We are working by custom service in Biala Podlaska.

Our offer is not very long be we do all needs of each clients. That is the most important to us. We are veryelastic and we do:
  1. customs briefings in import and export
  2. transit procedures
  3. preparation of customs documents such as: SAD, DWC, TP, EUR1, ATR, EPI
  4. preparation of transport documents such as: CMR, CIM, SMGS, coupon-book of long vehicle
  5. transmitting number (EPI) which is obligatory from 17.06.2012, when you want enter Unions country like Belorussia, kazakhstan, Russia. In our services we help drivers to get the EPI/UNIT for crossing border with Belorussia. Ebforcement of indetification number will follow earlier than driver will approach for border. Our system will report earlier cars at entering to the Unions country
  6. custom servieces for the emigrants and personal cars
  7. on your behalf in front of custom organs all the law cases, forreign cancellations, conclusions
  8. assistance at getting permit issued by custom organs
  9. professional assistance and we will organize internal invioces.

Our agent translate state documents fastly for the attractive prices. We work in polish and english on the PDF and WORD computrer programms.


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skype: pdplogistics

We are open 7 days a week from 8.00am to 8.00 pm