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Now what you need is close at your hands. Our main principle is to provide the highest quality, safety and reliability when transporting your goods everywhere you wish. Timely delivery, efficient back up from our own Customs Agency and warehousing facilities for storage of hazardous goods guarantee your business effectiveness and efficiency.

We specialise in national and international transport to various places of destination, both inside and outside the European Union. Our comprehensive and professional customer care ensures that your consignments are safe and sound. Now it is your turn to take advantage of our services, take a step foreward and think about your business expansion, and we will do the rest, because logistics, transport, warehousing and customs clearances are our domain.

Many years of well grounded experience in the shipping industry gives you a 100% guarantee that our promises will be fulfilled. In PDP Logistics we keep track of the latest technologies to give you maximum support in every situation which may occur. The company owners M.Piwoni and M.Potapczuk and the entire team of the PDP Logistics perform daily tasks with passion and desire to help the company’s clients as effectively as possible to achieve their business goals. We simply want to cater for your needs.

You can count on us! M. Piwoni i M. Potapczuk PDP LOGISTICS S.C.