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We do not want to have 1 567 234 customers

We set ourselves main goals that we fulfill:
fast transport safety
timely delivery versatility and reliability

You are probably aware that there are a lot of transport companies available on the market - smaller or larger. Each of them may claim to be reliable and fast, but is it true? Your choice is not so simple ... but we make it for you.

We only give a very important fact:

PDP Logistics doesn’t have 1 567 234 customers around the world.
And because of that, you are 100% sure that your consignment or order will be dealt with special care and attention
We devote you as much time as you really deserve.

Our core domain is to provide to each of our clients an efficient, professional and comprehensive logistics services . You can be sure that we respond to every suggestion and requirement raised by your company, offering innovative solutions in the area of forwarding and logistics .

  • Are you wondering how to efficiently and safely transport the piano from Poland to Croatia?
  • Don’t you know which company among hundreds of shipping companies entrust the transport of dangerous goods from Spain to Belarus ?
  • Are you worried that the company you have chosen can handle customs clearance in case of any trouble?
  • Are you concerned about the security of entrusted consignment or cargo and their timely delivery?

You may wonder further, comparing the pros and cons of other companies in our industry , but if you really care about safe, reliable and comprehensive cooperation and professional service, do not waste time browsing through hundreds of listings - contact us !

We will carry everything you want
through whole Europe ... or even further